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Nancy P. James Named one of “Top Ten Insurers” by Women’s Business Boston


  • Analyze and identify technical risks of loss
  • Make recommendations on risk management of exposed areas
  • Prepare submissions for insurance coverage solutions
  • Negotiate coverage rates and programs

Protect yourself from:

  • Loss or Damage to Shipments
    Do you have transit exposures? Check your common carrier limits! We examine transit exposures in our overall analysis.
  • Product Liability Suits
    We analyze and identify your products liability exposure for proper underwriting.
  • Unsatisfied Foreign Court Judgments
    If your company exports any products outside the U.S. your current insurance package probably does not cover suits first brought in foreign courts. We can provide such coverage!
  • Exposure to Design Errors or Omissions
    We know the difference between “Products” and “Design Errors & Omissions” risks.
  • QC Procedures that Differ from Property Insurance Settlement Clauses

Are you sensitive to growth problems with keeping insurance coverage values current?
We have a solution.

Examples of problems solved

  • If you are faced with the possibility of a loss to a sole supplier, we can provide coverage for that supplier, no matter where it is located.
  • Whether you ship FOB loading dock or destination, we provide transit coverage.

Even though your policy reads “worldwide” coverage,  be sure that it does not restrict coverage to suits first brought in the U.S.  Unsatisfied judgments in foreign courts will lead to severe sanctions.


Named one of “Top Ten Insurers” by Women’s Business Boston, Nancy James offers over 30 years of technology and risk analysis experience, providing the highest level of service to the industry.

Nancy P. James spent twelve years in high technology, including installation of manufacturing feedback system for a Texas Instruments plant site, and designing a national insurance network for Data Architects, Inc. of Waltham, MA. This experience gives Nancy James the unique opportunity to serve technology clients in the identification and management of manufacturing, hardware and software exposures.

Publications & Media

Mass High Tech, 2003
“Protect against infringement with insurance coverage”

Covering Assets in Shark-Infested Cyberspace
The Internet may well be on the critical path to your survival. Make sure it is because it is supporting your business – not exposing it to litigation and insolvency!

The International Millennium Management Conference, London, England, 1998
Delivering paper on the liabilities of Year 2000.

The Information Exchange, New York City, 1998
Delivering paper on the liabilities of Year 2000.

Mass High Tech, 1998
“War game aims to prevent legal battles for insurer” describes exercise undertaken to analyze and place first insurance policy on cyberspace.

Insurance Times, 1998
“A Modest Year 2000 Proposal: A Millennium Mediation Council” suggests alternative to $1 trillion litigation costs for year 2000 liability losses.

American Bar Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 1997
3-hour Technology Panel member, speaking on “Year 2000 Liabilities.”

Boston Bar Journal, 1997
“A Primer on the Year 2000 Bug: A Role for Careful Counsel” co-authored with Attorney Barbara O’Donnell, examining the Year 2000 failure risks undertaken by accountants, attorneys, and insurance professionals working with technology clients.

“PowerLunch,” WADN Radio, 1997
With David Cohen, host, one hour broadcast on technology manufacturers and service companies risks and liabilities, including cyberspace and year 2000 issues.

Mass High Tech, 1997
“Tech insurance can cut down on risky business” Interviewed by Christa Degnan, staff writer, on technology insurance specialty areas and expertise.

Mass High Tech, 1996
“Insurance often has fine print that can snag the unwary.” Six common mistakes technology companies make when securing insurance.

John Liner Review, 1993
“Electronic Data, New Technology, new Risks.” A legal and risk management analysis of the issues involved in software’s current defining trends toward “tangibility.”

ComputerWorld, 1983
In Depth section, “Insuring Against Data Processing Losses.” A study of how high technology managers can guard against loss via specialty insurance coverage.

Best’s Review, 1982
“Insurers and DP Vendors. “A prediction that independent agency automation vendors would not exist in the next several years.”

Best’s Review, 1982
“A Review of Aetna’s Gemini System.” A critical look at Aetna’s agency automation pilot.

Best’s Review, 1981
“A Critical Look at Agency/Company Interface.” Submission of this article to Best’s Review led the editor to devote the entire “Technology” Section to the issues raised in my article.

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