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Electronic Equipment Maintenance Insurance

If your Electronic Equipment Maintenance costs exceed $20,000 each year, there are some interesting new products on the market which can save you up to 20-25% in annual fees. One stand-alone insurance-based product pays first dollar equipment repair costs, while also administering your service and repair expenses. You save 20-25% on direct costs and save additional administrative expenses! It is expected that you retain your current equipment repair vendors when you transfer these costs to a single expense/administrative entity.

Nancy James

Nancy P. James is the principal of N.P. James Insurance Agency in Concord, MA, where she specializes in risk analysis and insurance for complex exposures. James is a licensed insurance advisor and frequent author and speaker in the technology risk arena, as well as counseling on home and auto liabilities. Celebrating 30 years in business, she can be reached at 978-369-2771 or