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Talk with us about coverage and cost advice on Massachusetts home insurance. In order to offer you a quote for your home insurance, please complete the short form to the right.

Let us review with you the following needs areas:

  • Identity Theft is a growing concern: we have coverage for ID Theft cost reimbursement. Privacy and security are top priorities
  • Jewelry and Silver values
  • Fine Arts, Antiques, Cameras, Musical Instruments, and other specialty items values
  • Earthquake coverage can be added
  • Home-based businesses need additional coverage on your home policy
  • Watercraft ownership and docking
  • Personal Liability Umbrella limits to $10,000,000 are currently available
  • Nannies and other Domestic Employees need Workers Compensation coverage
  • Summer homes and condos
  • Special events (weddings, family reunions) are usually covered on home policies
  • Family Trusts and Custodial circumstances can be accommodated
  • Renovating homes – coverage continuation during restoration
  • Flood exclusions include all rising ground water: coverage is available through specialty markets

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