Insuring Intellectual Property – How to Protect Yourself

Only specialty markets and programs offer coverage for many intellectual property perils.

  • copyright infringement
  • defamation
  • disparagement of an individual’s reputation infliction of emotional distress
  • infringement of title, name, or mark
  • invasion or infringement of the right of privacy
  • patent infringement
  • piracy
  • plagiarism
  • product disparagement
  • unfair competition

Even while cyberspace offers us global markets, we are assuming so many more complex international business issues. Tripping up on an infringement problem could bring you two continents away from home to defend yourself.

Many of the perils above, as well as global defense can be secured from your insurer.

Intellectual property, hard copy and in cyberspace, should be carefully examined to determine what insurance can best protect you.