Manufacturing Risks In The Global Economy

Technology manufacturing is the backbone of our New England economy. Our Massachusetts manufacturers have long exported nearly 1/3 of our technology products, making Massachusetts an important part of the global economy. Risks of the international marketplace naturally follow.

Products liability cases have become more prevalent in the EU markets, as noticeable shift from the non-litigious culture so long distinct from our U.S. culture. Cases of product performance (Errors & Omission), product safety and worker/employee protections in important overseas markets directly affect our local manufacturers. With overseas markets being seen as a crucial element to local economic vitality, risk identification and minimization is important.

Remember, your U.S. insurance policy probably provides:

  • Defense for “worldwide” liability only if the case is first brought in the U.S. No Workers Compensation benefits to any employee traveling outside the U.S.
  • No funding for returning home an injured employee from overseas.
  • No coverage for a laptop lost or stolen outside the U.S.
  • Coverage for (cargo) transit only under special transportation forms.
  • No coverage for Internet related material, intellectual property, trade or domain names, etc., connected with your web site. (Your web presence makes you global whether or not you export product.)

As technology costs become a greater part of corporate expenses, product performance expectation increase. As attention to business security matters is heightened, technology manufacturers are expected to provide complete consumer confidentiality as well as the most current product security and firewalls. As reliance on technology becomes more vital to the critical path of corporate operations survival and continuity, technology performance is held accountable.