N.P. James Insurance Agency sponsors Concord Carlisle High School Students In Control “Skid School”

Students Learn Driving Skills for Hazardous Conditions

Nancy James, owner of the N.P. James Insurance Agency in Concord, announced that she is sponsoring Concord Carlisle High School driver education students for In Control’s “skid school” advanced driver training program. The N.P. James Agency’s scholarships offer reduced fees for important additional hazardous condition driving techniques. With this advanced steering and speed control experience, youthful operators better understand roadway risks and defensive techniques, as well as experiencing the consequences of speed.

In addition to hazardous condition driving, the course covers a topic near and dear to youth – cell phone use and texting while driving. Drivers learn the real-life consequences of texting and
driving which are devastating. While the Junior Operator Law prohibits JOL operators from cell phone use when driving, the ongoing dangers of any distracted driving are reinforced in the class.
James, who has been addressing parents of new drivers “Teen Driver Safety” programs at CCHS for over two decades, spreading the message that there seems to be no room for error on our roadways. Even to the most seasoned driver can often be caught unaware. “Both the basic driver education, offered through Concord Carlisle High School, and advanced driver training programs are crucial during the first very vulnerable driving years,” James remarked.

CCHS Driver Educations students seeking sponsorship scholarships should inquire of Courtland Booth, program director or www.DriveInControl.com/ConcordCarlisleDriverEd