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February 2016 Newsletter

Social Engineering and Contracts

November 2013 Newsletter

Contracts: Be Careful What You Wish For

March 2011 Newsletter

Case Study–Cyber Warfare & Trade Disruption, Shark-Infested Cyberspace & Privacy Issues

March 2010 Newsletter

Case Study – Considerations for Overseas Offices

October 2009 Newsletter

Make full use of your agent and insurer in lean times

June 2010 Newsletter

Two case studies: Overseas transit and warehousing; Liability coverage for 1099 contract “employees”

January 2009 Newsletter

Nancy James Addresses Teen Drivers Panel

September 2008 Newsletter

Reducing insurance costs in the current economy – Know what you are covered for – and what you’re not!

March 2008 Newsletter

Rental Car Contract changes you should know about – New April 1 “Open Competition” Auto Regulations

September 2007 Newsletter

“What Hath Babbage Wrought Dept.” A regular column appearing in Modern Data magazine between 1970 and 1973, readers would send in amusing issues involving computers. I hope you are entertained by this brief trip down memory lane.

February 2007 Newsletter

Hot Topics
• Identity Theft
• Employees Renting Cars
• Families Excluding Drivers While Away at College

November 2006 Newsletter


Don’t Risk Protection With Poor Planning

An annual comprehensive discussion of risk with the professional team – accountants, insurance providers and attorneys – can make a positive difference, both competitively and practically.

October 2005 Newsletter


June 2005 Newsletter

Problems Found and Their Solutions VIEW PDF

September 2004 Newsletter

A TIME TO WORRY. . . In This Issue 3 common technology conditions you may face 3 areas where your…

June 2003 Newsletter

Hard Times F.A.Q.s Issue

Protect Against Infringement with Insurance Coverage

Don’t get caught in a costly IP dispute.

February 2003 Newsletter

Hot Topics Issue

November 2002 Newsletter

1. Keep property inventory lists, especially computer inventory and software licenses, off-site.

N.P. James in Best’s Review

Insurers as DP Vendors: UNFOLDING before the insurance industry is an unforeseen marketing phenomenon as insurance companies finally bring workable agency computer products into the competitive systems market. Aetna’s IBM Gemini system is the product of two industry giants and, in my opinion, is the first system to be worthy of a creditable mark in the open marketplace.

A Critical Look at Agency/Company Interface: An Interview with Nancy James

In “A Critical Look at Agency/Company Interface,” Nancy James, an technology insurance expert, raises some provocative issues.

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