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Stranded At Sea

Guest article by Gustav Widmayer – Let’s face it, when the winds die down, no company has any business braving the high seas. So, what should you do when bookings are scarce, billings are down, and backlogs are depleted? This captain is scouring his ship from stem to stern.

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Unreliability of Hardware and Software

As an editorial observation by this author looking back over 30 years of professional work in technology, I am compelled to draw some provocative conclusions. In the old days, when we re-wired boards to run IBM 80-column cards, we’d call Chris when things got tangled up.

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Sharing the Risk – This Is Not A Test

In the wake of September 11th’s tragedies, insurers are quietly making good on their annual promises to pay losses. Interestingly, all policies exclude war related losses in a very broad way. However, America’s insurers are stepping up to the plate in the biggest way they ever have, declaring these losses as “terrorist acts” and not excluding coverage. Does that affect you? Absolutely!

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