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Cyber Warfare & Trade Disruption

Embargoes, prohibitions of outsourcing (especially when involving communications infrastructure), confiscation or freezing of foreign assets and/or currency, and contract repudiation can likely ensue during panic mode. These are commonly described as Trade Disruption issues. Damage includes closures of ports, airports, power grids, and rail yards as a result of tsunamis, earthquakes, pirates in Somalia, terrorism, revolutions, civil unrest, embargoes, and wars.

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Shark-Infested Cyberspace & Privacy Issues

Today’s businesses have opportunities to broaden their reach and efficiencies with e-commerce, multi-emedia advertising, and cloud computing. These innovations also pose challenges with new legislation tightening privacy and data security obligations. As privacy and data security risks continue to grow, they burden American businesses in addition to the normal risks associated with products and services. Businesses must continuously assess the increasingly complex risks assumed with internet opportunities.

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Product Liabilities in an Assets-Only Sale

Background: A mid-size technology parts manufacturer with global sales over $20,000,000 was planning to sell…

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Securing Coverage for Products Sold Globally

A large component manufacturer, primarily serving defense contractors, came to N.P. James Insurance to help understand their exposures for travel, shipping, and global liability for internationally exported products.

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Tech Resources

Electronic Equipment Maintenance Insurance

If your Electronic Equipment Maintenance costs exceed $20,000 each year, there are some interesting new products on the market which…

Contract Terms are Challenging

The sign of a robust economy is the number of contracts we are asked to review for our clients. Boston…

“Social Engineering” Crimes & Insurance

Most crime insurance policies exclude coverage when an employee is tricked into transferring money or property to an unauthorized party. …

N.P. James Insurance Agency sponsors Concord Carlisle High School Students In Control “Skid School”

Students Learn Driving Skills for Hazardous Conditions Nancy James, owner of the N.P. James Insurance Agency in Concord, announced that…

Is Outsourcing Right for You?

by Barbara Dove, Sickle Brook Services, Inc. Outsourcing a non-core function can save you time and lower your costs. It…

Complex Risk Issues To Consider

Business rationale being key to your decisions regarding outsourcing does not preclude a close examination of your associated risks. Outsourcing…

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